Covote mobile application being used on an iPhone showing the question page Covote mobile application being used on an Android device showing the news feed

Get the answer to any question

Where should we go for lunch?

How Covote Works

Create your question then invite others to join the voting.

  • Create

    Covote screenshot of the create new question screen
  • Share

    Covote screenshot of the connections screen showing how to share the question to your friends or people you are following
  • Vote

    Covote screenshot of the question page showing the questions options and the votes that have come in

What questions are other people asking with Covote?

Voting Made Social

Covote solves group decisions with a new social experience.

  • Invite Others

    Add people that are already using Covote directly in to your questions. They will be notified via the app so that they can get voting right away.

  • Share on social

    Share your public questions easily on any social network that you use. Anyone can vote with the Covote mobile app or via the Covote website.

  • Public or Invite Only

    Open your question up to the world by creating it as a public question or set it to invite only and vote with those that matter the most.

  • Build your profile

    Check out your friends profiles to see who they are following and what questions they are voting on.

Covote being used on an iPhone showing the user profile screen

Customize Your Question

Covote lets you select from a number of preset question types, or configure your question in the way that best suits the answer you desire.

Yes / No Answer

For questions that just need a simple Yes or No answer.

Countdown Timer

Set an end date and time to get an answer by a specific time.

Multiple Options

Sometimes you want people to be able to vote on more than one option.

Suggested Options

Allow or disallow other users the ability to add options.

Best Option

Sometimes you only want people to be able to vote on one option.

Anonymous Voting

Allow users to vote on your question without logging in first.

Covote screenshot of the customize question screen, showing how you can control the way users vote on your question